The finswimming technique is quite simple and effective once mastered. Generally the swimmer attempts to minimize frontal resistance by placing their arms together in front of their body while also maintaining as little motion in the upper body. Unlike conventional swimming, the swimmer does not use their arms for propulsion as too much resistance is created, which reduces the overall swimming speed.The lower body and legs move in an undulating motion with minimal movement of the knees. The knees do bend slightly to obtain the greatest benefit from the effort provided by the quadriceps however this should be minimal.

Finswimmers require two additional types of equipment in addition to conventional swimmers. One being the snorkel, which unlike a scuba diving snorkel, is mounted on a brace that secures the snorkel over the nose and forehead of the finswimmer. The other piece of equipment is of course the mono fin. The mono fin is a single fiber glass or plastic blade attached to both feet.      




My name is Tom Prelowski.  I came from Poland where I had been a member of the national finswimming team for over ten years. Now I would like to bring the FUN and CHALLENGE of finswimming to YOU.  I coached finswimming in Poland and I have been teaching swimming for over ten years since I came to Canada.  I am also a certified Lifesaving Instructor, National Lifeguard Service Instructor and Lifesaving Coach.  Years ago I became a Red Cross First Aid Instructor and I have taught many first aid courses since then.
I am looking forward to introducing YOU to the great fun of FINSWIMMING and play time in the water!